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According to satanic worships the seven between the eyes means when someone has been struck by the devil in the seventh level of hell before they are born. People "mostlikely Satanic Worshipers" who have a tattoo of a seven between their eyes are concidered satans chosen children. usually they also will have a tattoo of 666 on their forehead. it defines when someone has become insane and displaying very dark sadistic behavior.
Jimmy: hey I heard John is starting to get a 7 between the eyes!

Frank: Yep! he has been acting strange lately, he talks to himself allot in that dark basement.

Jimmy: I think he is going crazy.

satan devil diablo lokote insane 666 7 seven seventh level of hell hell sadistic insane insanity parinoia evil demon crazy dark satan worshiper posessed
by helenthegreat March 04, 2011
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