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The 7/24 Challenge is a physical and sexual challenge open to men and women of all nationalities, devised by a number of male and female American athletes when preparing for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, who were getting frustrated by undertaking conventional training methods for prolonged periods.

Participants must, in the space of 23 hours and 59 minutes undertake the following 7 feats, in the following order:-

(1) Have sexual intercourse with their heterosexual partner (to include ejaculation);

(2) Swim 250 metres in open water or 500 metres in a swimming pool;

(3) Cycle 10 kilometres;

(4) Play a set of tennis or 9 holes of golf,

(5) Run 10 kilometres;

(6) Play one 20 minute period in an ice hockey game or two 12 minute quarters in a basketball game; and

(7) Complete a second round of sexual intercourse with the same partner (to include ejaculation).
“So how did Harvey get on with the 7/24 challenge last weekend? He looked exhausted when I saw him in his car heading for work on Monday morning."

“He tried so hard , so hard, and was just SO disappointed - he completed the first 6 steps ok and when he came to step 7, we had just 8 minutes and 14 seconds left to tick off the second round of sex, but he ..... “
“He what, honey?”
“I tried everything Mom, everything .”
“I know you would honey. So what was the problem?"
“It took me 4 minutes to stiffen him up with some lip work and then he took 4 minutes and 20 seconds to shoot....”
“Over the clock by just ... 6 seconds , that's cruel - oh honey, I’m so sorry. Maybe he can try again some day."
“Mom, he wants to try again next weekend.”
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by Katie4eyes February 13, 2018
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