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1) The sheer amount of swag that flows out of a kid from Tucson on a daily basis. 94% of all 520 swag comes from the 28 black people who live here in Tucson.

2) A black kid in my Spanish class who as his name implies is also filled with swag. For more info on him google 'Wiz Kalifa' or watch 'A Norse in the 9th Ward' on youtube
1)Kid 1: "So Kadeem's doing pretty good on the U of A team."
Kid 2: "Yeah, that's because he's filled with so much 520 swag, he doesn't even know where he is right now."
Kid 1: "He put the team on his back doe"

2) Ms. Sarrette: "Malik, do you want to read your dialog?"
520 Swag: "Nahhh foo, that ain't me. I ain't even kno wa'chu talkin 'bout ha"
Nick Powers: "Wiz you're sooo black, go home"
by DirtyHoboFight November 05, 2011
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