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50/50innertainment is a content aggregator website catering to people that are interested in music and celebrity news across the world and are an independent record label which was founded in 2008 in Denver, Colorado. Specializing in signing & releasing primarily Hip Hop/Rap/R&B as well as also providing Concerts, Event Planning, and Artist Development to aspiring musicians. The label is owned & operated by two artist, Stryker & MFT. The label is run independently under the name of their group, Stryker & MFT. They've released 2 Albums, 1 Mixtape and a 3rd album is under production. A careful distinction to make is not to confuse the name of 50/50 Innertainment with 50/50 Entertainment, which isn't a record label or affiliated with them in anyway.
50/50innertainment is Colorado's most known Record Label.
by 50/50innertainment March 14, 2018
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