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Drinking Game: using 50 cents in the form of = 1 quarter, 2 dimes and 1 nickel.

What You Need:

1. Cup (for change)
2. 1 quarter
3. 2 dimes

4. 1 nickel
5. Sufficient amount of alcohol

Game Play:

1. Make two teams

2. Flip quarter for who goes first

3. Place coins in cup, shake and flip upside down to display result of players turn.

4. Coin lands on head it counts as it's value; tails does not count.

5. Review rules to understand who drinks.


Under 25, rolling person drinks

Over 25, rolling person partner drinks
50 : entire other team drinks
0: rollings team drinks

15: roller sad team chugs for 5 seconds

25: everybody drinks
Hey lets play 50 cent: drinking game! Any body got some change?
by Geese7 August 05, 2014
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