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when you at little caesars and you are buying one of their large pizzas you just scream out "5 DOLLA MAKE U HOLLA" then they know what you mean and and a free slice of pizza is thrown at you and u have to catch it in your mouth.
*ebony black woman gets off work*
*she walks straight from her job at the corner into the little caesars*

*she stomps to the cashier*
ebony black woman: 5 DOLLA MAKE U HOLLA!!!!!!!
little asian man working in the back: *throws the pizza in her mouth*
*ebony black woman runs and catches it in her mouth*
*the victory alarm goes off*
Then the asian man rips off his uniform and and dances to im sexy and i know it in a speedo.
by OFWGKTADGAF666 December 27, 2011
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