4th Generation ETHEREAL MANLY BEAUTY was given as title to Park Jongseong. A member of a kpop group called ENHYPEN and he's also known with the stage name of JAY. He can sing, he can rap, dance, the brain of the group, the cook, and the mood maker. He is also into fashion that's why he is called as "4th Generation Fashion Icon".

There's a post in pann community (a very known online forum in south korea), netizens talked on how they went crazy because ENHYPEN Jay's visual and charisma after seeing him in live performances especially on 2022 Weverse Con. He's not just all about face but he also had buff body that is built with muscles and good posture.
"ENHYPEN Jay is entitled as 4th Generation ETHEREAL MANLY BEAUTY."
"Park Jongseong is so handsome and masculine, he had the ethereal beauty in him"
"He has the symbol of ETHEREAL MANLY BEAUTY."
by intothekpop January 7, 2022