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A condition that causes somebody to notice the number 420 everywhere.

Though the subject usually doesn't openly associate the occurrences with supernatural or exterior forces (though he may joke about it), there persist at least a doubt or even a strong belief in the his mind that all the occurrences of the number 420 cannot be accidental.
420 delusion:

"Man, it's becoming worse. It's everywhere. I checked the deadline for my application to the University of Tokyo and it was Dec 10, 4:20 pm. Then somebody texts me to tell me the US just won the game against Russia in the Olympics in Sochi and the game just ended: I check the time here: 4:20 am. I google the time in Sochi, Russia: 4:20 pm. I'm telling you, it's a fucking conspiracy."

"Ahah, I know. Wait what was the score?"

"4-2 :o why?

I meant 3-2 sorry"

"wtf u did that on purpose"


by wadada February 15, 2014
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