Holden's most produced pushrod debued in the HT series in 1969. This would be Holdens largest V8 produced excluding the HDT (Holden Dealer Team) V8's. Producing a whopping 210 horsepower ish. Often referred to as a "three oh" the engine became an Aussie icon and thr catch phrase "never late in a three oh eight" was born. After 1974 the motor was choked up by emissons laws in Australia and became almost gutless. The 308 was later destroked to an injected 304 and became on of Australia's popular bogan hoon V8s along side replacement for the inline 6 buick 3.8 v6
"Oh s**t it's a 308"
"Yea mate I just stuck a three oh in the ute"
Definition: The 308 v8 is a Holden pushrod 5 litre V8 produced in 1969
by Hejajfkald January 15, 2018
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