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A phrase created by the famous YouTuber RayWilliamJohnson. Ray reviewed a viral video in which the entire footage was of two very angry camels sitting inside a tiny car. There was no context or explanation given in the video for what was going on. The video was literally just "2 camels in a tiny car", a seemingly inexplicable phrase that is so bizarre there is no explanation for it. Therefore, it is said to automatically win every fight or argument, particularly against trolls. It has gotten so well-known that someone even made a Twitter account for the phrase, and got its place in the 'know you meme' website. Amazingly, this phrase was only invented on January 24th, 2010, a mere three weeks from the posting of this entry.

Note: This entry is a revised, expanded, and corrected entry posted in response to someone who posted similar information under "2 camels and a tiny car", which was incorrect.
Troll: "A mac is better than a PC!!"
Ray: "Nope, 2 camels in a tiny car."

Troll: "Star Wars is better than Lord of the Rings!!"
Ray: "2 camels in a tiny car."

Troll: "Nickelback is the best band ever!!"
Ray: "2 camels in a tiny car."

Troll: "Rosie O'Donnell has a penis!!"
Ray: "2 cam- ... you know, I'm just not gonna argue with that one."
by mrypen February 17, 2010
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