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2 Gryphon, famous for ranting and his comedy stand ups at fur meets. He has a website, where every Sunday night he puts out 2sense. Has very funny rants on his website. Ranging from anime to religion. He does it all.
Is there a free dose of heroin in every DVD box of anime!?
by Phox August 16, 2004
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Born Matthew Wayne Davis on August 11, 1972, 2 Gryphon is a furry "comedian" who does rant videos on YouTube. His most well-known video features him saying that people who can't handle being cyberbullied should kill themselves. His boyfriend was also arrested for downloading CP on a computer. Matthew is also known for throwing a tantrum on social media when due to bad publicity, his appearance at Anthrocon 2017 was cancelled.

2 is also known for being very right-wing, to the point of almost being a Nazi, since there are screenshots of him saying he's going to promote an altfurry chat.
Kevin: Man, did you see 2 gryphon's newest rant? It's so funny!
Ian: Are you sure about that?
by hcpunkfan703 August 20, 2018
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