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1800 Reverse is mobile service which allows callers to ring people and charge them for the call. You do not have to answer the call to be charged, you can be charged for the cost of the voicemail they leave as well. It will return on your phone bill as though you have directly called them. Generally, if you are in trouble for your phone bill, this can be what has happened. The duration of the call and voicemail is the amount charged. This is a service used by thousands of people, and the best part is, the person you are calling will most likely not ever know that you are calling them using this number. There is also no possible way to track the calls without using high tec instruments.
Mum - "$600 phone bill! This is disgraceful Harry!"

Harry - "Mum, it wasnt me I promise, someone must have phoned me and left a message with 1800 Reverse!"
by 1800 Reverse June 10, 2011
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