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1/2 to 3/4 of 151 (750ml bottle)

1/4 to 1/3 of Malibu Coconut (750ml bottle) - Really just for flavoring.

3 to 4 32oz Slurpees in blue raspberry, cherry, banana, or pina colada. Don't use the sugar free stuff.

2 Amp Energy drinks - "Traction" or "elevate" recommended

Empty 1 Gallon jug to mix it all together. Then place in freezer.

For the most part the alcohol will not freeze but about half usually tends to freeze up back into slurpee/slush form.

Using 20oz Gatorade bottles to distribute the mixture for smaller more easily accessible drinking works well too, but if you feel like rocking a 64oz Ultimate Gulp mug from 7/11 go for it!

Get Drunkerized!
- 151 Slurpee, Get Drunkerized!
- What in it
- Lots of 151, goes down smooth and tastes awesome!
by GetACrazystrawAlcoholocaust March 13, 2010
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