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101 Scale of Funny

(also “Numeric Laughter Scale”)

The 101 Scale of Funny is used in internet chatting and mobile texting to indicate how funny one thinks of a comment. It is based upon a variation of the common internet slang “lol”. The numbers “101” looks similar to “lol” and is therefore the basis of the scale. The scale has a top rating of “909.” Hence, any “humorous” comment can be rated 101, 202, etc. to a high rating of 909.

The “101 Scale of Funny” was developed by members of an internet gaming alliance named “TruWar” in the game “Evony.” Member “Bound4Hell” started a conversation one May evening of 2011 by saying; “You ever notice when people say “lol” they’re never “loling?” It’s a big lie.” Member “ox” replied, “We should come up with a better system. Maybe something with other acronyms. Like, maybe something like ‘twosf’ for ‘That was only slightly funny.” The members of the alliance tried several different acronyms, but nothing seemed to stick. Then “ox” says; “How about 101? It looks like ‘lol’.” Bound4Hell followed that up with; “Then we could use it as a rating system. Like ‘101’ and ‘505’.” Everyone agreed that it was a fun, versatile system to use to rate comments. Members of the ‘TruWar’ alliance used it from that point on.

Currently there is no negative scale of funny. There have been some suggestions such as " -101 " or "010," however these have not yet been implemented.
“Did you see Uncle Randy’s face when Uncle Steve’s pants fell down?? 808!” 101, 202, 303, 404, 505, 606, 707, 808, 909 is acceptable.
by _slew_ November 19, 2013
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