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I read an argument in a comments section; it was about one large duck or 100 ducks being the more formidable foe. Which would be more easy to defeat...100 ducks you are, a large duck it has superior strength---just think about the size of its enormous duck bill!...No, 100 ducks they could work together to exhaust you...absolutely not! I would destroy 100 ducks in a fight easily even grabbing a single duck to beat other ducks.

Well, that is the idea. But then also, 100 ducks sounds familiar and real so the point is "100 ducks" is like some stupid encounter just pecking away at your humanity. Have you ever felt with Lawyers or better yet have you ever done bills and auto pay has some problem, ever completed charge backs, or filled out an intrusive form with personal information requests? Well, "100 ducks" describes how you feel when you are in that stressful situation-- a total joke situation and you are the only person that understands the real problem where there are all these people making the situation worse not better--that is the "100 ducks."
This is absolutely ridiculous; "stupid and evil" seem to always "win." It's like I am being attacked by "100 ducks."

Gee, I love the noise! Please drive your dumb ass noisy motorcycle past my house at 2 AM OMGOSH "100 ducks."
by FredFreid June 06, 2018
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