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if you ever get raped by your friends or by anyone all you have to do is refere to this list to tell how you were raped.

1st - penis to vag
2nd - oral
3rd - anal
4th - rape through clothes where they are to lazy to take off your clothes and rape you through holes they have made
5th - gay rape
6th - wape (weanus and wagina aka your elbow and the inside of your elbow)

7th - rape by association
8th - rape with the family
9th - beastiality (one with animals and such)
10th - rape with chains and whips
Chase: Teeyona, shrooms i got raped today
Teeyona: Im sorry
Shrooms: Which degree??
Chase umm i dont know
Teeyona: How did you get raped?
Chase: I still had my clothes on and it was from behind it made me sad D:
Shrooms: Oh thats the thrid and uhhhh
Teeyona: the fourth and possibly the 5th too
Chase: how do you know this
Teeyona and Shrooms: we studied the 10 degrees of rape in college last years duh!
by teeenana December 10, 2009
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