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1- someone who you would not even want to talk to or associate with especially not look at. 2- someone who you might say hi to depending on what kind of a mood your in but definitely would not want to talk to continuously. 3- someone you would have a casual conversation with but wouldn't want anything else 4- someone that you would flirt with and maybe get there number but wouldn't want to tap. 5- a chick that you would be willing to fuck even if it's just a one night stand. 6- a chick that you would fuck and maybe want to kiss and have a little "fling". 7- a cute girl that you would want to lose your virginity to and even make out with. 8- a chick that you would want to fuck, make-out with and the whole works maybe think about a long term relationship with an "8". 9- a girl that you would dream to do anything and everything with and definitely have a long term relationship, take one of these and show them off to your friends. 10- this is a trophy girl and you want to marry one of these if you get the chance, dream wife that you could spend your life with and "love" and do anything. 10's are usually very high maintenance so beware.
Hey bro what do you rate that chick over there on the 1-10 (guys scale for girls)?" "She is definitely a 9 no doubt about it!
by BigPoppa19 August 02, 2010
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