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A very disturbing video involving a naked man inserting a small jar into his ass by sitting on it. The jar breaks, and the rest of the video depicts his attempts toward removing all glass shards from his ass while hemorraging blood like a running bathroom sink.
"Did you see that video '1 guy 1 jar'?"

"Yeah, it was fucking gross as hell! He must've had a real hard time shitting after that."
by devil1 January 03, 2009
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A very horrific shock video. It shows a man from Ukraine, Alexey Tatano shoving a glass jar into his behind. This is only just the start; as soon as it's firmly in place inside his anus the glass shatters. Blood from his ass then pours everywhere on the tile flooring. The rest of the video shows Alexey removing the glass shards from his ass. One of the most horrific videos on the web; you'll have a real hard time shitting for a month if you watch it. My advice; don't watch it.
Person 1: Hey man, you gotta see this video, 1 guy 1 jar!

Person 2: is this another one of those shock videos?

Person 1: Come here and you'll see

*shows him 1 guy 1 jar*

Person 2: I'm gonna go comfort my asshole from the trauma it went through watching that video; thanks.
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by Runt18 January 31, 2018
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