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When a video game series ends up, after years of noticeable flaws and sequel degradation, releasing a title that is absolute shit, to the point where there's nowhere to go but up. Named after the infamous 2006 reboot of the Sonic games.

When this is applied to webcomics, it's known as the "Miscarriage moment" named after the infamous miscarriage strip of Ctrl+Alt+Del.
"I'm pretty sure the Tony Hawk franchise just had its 06 moment with Tony Hawk Ride."

"Holy shit. I think this video game series just had its 06 moment. I really hope this series either dies or improves. 1/10. -Game journalism website"

"Assassin's Creed 3, although generally well-received by critics, is known among fans to be the 06 moment for the series."
by no pseudonym for me plz May 28, 2013
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