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A fucking apostrophe, if you don’t know what this is, go back to 2nd grade

Why even the fuck are you here... hold on, I know.

1. Because you’re bored and you have “nothing to do”

2. You were jerking off and you heard your mom walking to your room and had to quickly find something to do to cover up the fact you were just touching your 3” dick to some random chick you don’t know

3. You actually didn’t know what a damn apostrophe is

Why are you still reading this, go do something useful with your life like actually getting a girlfriend after getting rejected 17 times
Person 1: I am board
Person 1 (because they don’t have any friends): let me look up ‘ in urban dictionary

Person 1: lol that was fun— (dies from brain tumor)
by Your granny tranny lol March 13, 2018
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