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Ümmü is a very generous girl with a clever mind and inspirational personality.

If she sets something up in her mind, she needs to do it quickly and works hard for her dreams.
Besides being incredibly intelligent she is one hell of a best friend and looks out for the people she loves the most.

Ümmü is someone that everyone wishes to have in their lives, she makes a good bestfriend, a lovely sister and a perfect future wife.

But if you fuck with that girl...damn you'd get a shit ton of hate and insults coming at you.
Love you ümmü!

Made this definition only for u <3
by Idrclol January 02, 2017
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Mother in arabic
Cute,mostly having a small body
Look, Ummu is there. Doesn't she looks cute.
by Lyrajessica10 May 20, 2018
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Cute, naughty, blurr but clever. Queen selfie and sexy !
Ummu has big heart
by Cli April 23, 2018
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