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N.- Many have entered; few have made it out without being accosted in some fashion.

Whether its tripping over piles of cheap vodka bottles, dodging biggity bums blowing in the breeze by 9 am, or just having to say, "no i dont have any spare change" every 5 seconds...... this is a turbulent no-fly zone that should be avoided if possible.

You know what im talking about... the Bum-Muda triangle. Bounded by Port Authority to the north, MSG to the west, and Penn Station to the east, this is bum paradise. Proceed with caution and at your own risk. you've been warned.
If you are going to visit Manhattan, be sure to avoid the bum-muda triangle.

"Dude I saw a bum with his fly wide open drinking vodka outside a peep show at 8 a.m."

"Sounds like you were in the heart of the bum-muda triangle"
by the great randini August 29, 2008
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