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The act of being surprised like a prawn. Ask yourself, how does a prawn run?

The surprise does not need to exist - this is simply a greeting and communication action, much like shaking hands and saying hello or making a joke mid conversation.

The prawn surprise is a favourtie when people a trashed and those not aware of the prawn surprise ask 'What is the surprise? It must be good!'
1. Prawn surprise - hold one hand in the air, wiggle your fingers and say 'surprise!' whilst looking happy and somewhat alarmed.

2. Call out 'surprise' to your friends who will respond by putting a hand in the air and saying 'surprise'

3. You are with friend and you ask 'What would a surprised prawn look like?' and everyone acts like a surprise prawn (Surprise!)
by Rastus McTavish November 19, 2008
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