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Petsonality Similar related attributes such as Personality and Zeusality.
The character that your pets exudes portrays It's individualism.

Petsonality defines each pet and show cases their charm and disposition.

Petsonality is a combination of two words. Pets & Personality. Until now we have no know word that describes pets that mock and portray human like characteristics , Hence Petsonality.

To add exchange your pets name for the word pet on Petsonality would be individualizing and acknowledging their persona ( or another new words Petsona , Petson, Petsonalized ) .

Example: Yes my dog displays his own unique Zeusality .

Zeusality is his signature and claim to his own uniqueness.
( SEE definition for Zeusality )
I see your dog has a lot of Petsonality.

Or step it up and exchange part or all of your pets name for the word pet in Petsonality.

Her Athenality charms most people at their first introduction.
by Kiki_H November 22, 2011
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When a human being begins to take on the characteristics of their pet(s), either in physical or emotional form.
When Rob bought a new bulldog, everyone noticed an eerie similarity in the shape of Rob's jaw matching to that of the bulldog. The bulldog had a unusual gait and Rob begin to walk in the same fashion when walking the dog, taking on the dog's petsonality.
by Ellee722 November 02, 2010
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