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The same as :/

Used to indicate the shrug of the shoulders, to express that 'I don't know, I don't care' sarcastic meh kind of feeling.
Girl: Wow! Did you see how cool that was!?

Boy: =/
by Dvd-is-coming-back June 26, 2009
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Mostly used as, in order:

1. When you're feeling down or sad.
2. Just like meh
3. Something has been said to you, that you don't like.
4. Indifferent to the situation.
5. Filling a void in a conversation.
1. You: My mom just died. =/

John: Oh =/

2. John: Its always you people.

You: =/ stereotype much?

3. John: Wanna play xbl?

You: =/, whatever.

4. John: Soooooo.

You: =/
by Tsuu`hime, lulz January 15, 2011
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This emoticon is used for when you think someone contracts herpes (the herp).

This is simply an addition to the "yeesh/yikes" emote with a MOUTH BLEMISH.
Dude A: I tongue-fucked Sarah last night.
Dude B: Sarah R_______?
Dude A: Yeah!
Dude B: She got herpes like 6 months ago from Tim
Dude A: She looked disease-free.
Dude B: =/'
by jimmy crack cornballs October 08, 2010
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