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Losing one's socks for a lengthy period of time and searching for them in vain. Called 'Doing a Currie' after the producer of BBC TalkSport (formerly of student radio fame with FlyFM) David Currie lost his socks and was reported by the press to have been hassling hotel guests who he thought might know where they were. He was later cautioned for his behaviour by the BBC and made to apologise to all those involved. The story is frequently referred to by Al Green on TalkSport when teams are late out onto the pitch he says maybe they've "done a currie".
"oh i've only gone and done a currie" said albert, noticing his toes were chilly and his socks nowhere to be seen

"I knew I'd end up 'doing a Currie'" said George as he realised he'd forgotten to pack his socks for the holiday
by the lol machine January 01, 2010
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