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An angel in form of a human, generaly right in almost anything regarding anything. Particularly smart in problem solving situations and good with hands. Generally a smart ass if prevoked, or if not provoked... this nigga just mean. Can sell ice to an eskimo and can buy a child from an African for cheaper than whats offered on the black market (pun intended) . Will be willing to accept a blowjob from a fat chick if necessary. Most likey a world champion in something, and if he isn't, its only because the opurtunity hasn't presented itself yet. Will most likey fuck your mom if the opportunity presented itself, by asking if he can lick nutella off of her. $antiMuniez is a real new nigga who finesses life with style.

$antiMuniez is the most interesting man on earth
Yo did you $antiMuniez yesterday? He found a cure to cancer and Aids on his first day of medical school, i wonder what he will do today
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by Phlyboiii April 08, 2018
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