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A hashtag that has#hashshitup at the end of it denotes/means that you've posted a comment writing it at the end of a tweet or comment in the form of a bunch of hashtags instead of writing in a normal (boring) sentence structure type of style.

Me: *Types ...

'@iamcardib got #dinero on repeat okurrrr

#stopplayin #lilbitch #ucantfuckwitmeifuwanted2

#straightup #unapologeticallybardigangdopeaf #dontforgetthathear #hashshitup'*

Definition: "To not look or be oldskool when you take away all or most of the "#" symbols, and the words that are connected together, you've posted a comment or a tweet that reads the exactly like what is typed same above, except without the hashtags it looks old, just like all of the normal boring conversational social media "noise".

When we're online using social media, we don't want to be reminded of our (typically boring) parents who choose to write everything out in the regular style and never (or rarely) use hashtags. We want everything we say on social media to be fresh and remain relevant to others who are also dope AF just like we are, so that they can find our comments and tweets verbage or as our parents would say, verbiage, on the hashtag search engines."
by CeeZBT June 07, 2018
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