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Hashtag most known for memes on r/GamersRiseUp, which is a satirical subreddit. Mostly borrows from ironic culture. The hashtag is representing the gamer nerd, sexually frustrated as a result of his girlfriend "Veronica" (non-gamer or THOT) dumping/cheating on for "Chad" (the non-gamer jock who is held up). He will often share his grievances for how she was wrong to have let down an intellectual gentleman gamer (borrowing some elements of their subreddits).
Gamer (often coined as "gang weed,") is also very, very woke. The beginnings of the "we live in a society" meme that swept across most of social media at one point is tied to original posts on Reddit. Gang weed will make use of the Joker to represent him, mainly the joker in the Dark Knight Trilogy and Suicide Squad due to the philosophies, and the unhinged, edgy nature of him.
#gamersriseup may also be a satirical take on the #gamergate which involved mainstream platforms being given to radical feminists which portrayed the gaming /industry as alt-right and backwards-thinking on such issues as women being lacking or the portrayal of femininity in big titles. The leaders, mainly skeptics and gamers from the center-to-right, are often portrayed as being some of the first truly "woke" people on the platform. Often, the gang weedian will be used for ironic conservative memes similar to how Family Guy, American Dad, etc. are.
Gang weed is also a parody of anarchist groups, too. Gang weed also hates noobs.
We live in a society that people live in.
T o p t e x t
Gang weedians have concrete proof of their oppression that has existed for longer than slavery; Kanye claims slavery was a choice, but gaming is a lifestyle. After untold long years living in this society of people who live in society living in it, oppressing us and losing our girls to Chad despite our epic gamer swag.

The time is here where we must #gamersriseup
by GamerActivist445 l ol June 07, 2018
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