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A hashtag used by an Angeleno who, instead of supporting the Los Angeles Dodgers, go for the San Francisco Giants. It based on the popular anti-Dodgers hashtag #beatLA. These two teams have a heated rivalry since 1890, and it even resulted in stabbings and beatings by their fans. As expected, usually Angelenos go for the Dodgers and Franciscans go for the Giants. This hashtag is made for those Angelenos who decided to side with the other city and break the normal.
Guy 1: So, do you follow any sports?
Guy 2: Yeah, I watch baseball.
Guy 1: Really? Me too! Do you go for the Dodgers?
Guy 2: Hell no, it's all about the Giants! The Dodgers suck!
Guy 1: But wait, aren't you from Los Angeles?
Guy 2: Yup. #betrayLA
by MrZTheKING March 20, 2017
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