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1. A state of being as currently defined by any known entity (e.g. Science, Religion, Politics, Law, Logic, etc.)

2. Original name in the first theory of quantum government/money/law.
1. Both my avatar representing my soul (#VirtualUS), and my body representing my life on this world (#RealUS) want recognition in the current "law's of the land".

2. Is the #VirtualUS (#TheoryOfQuantumGovernment) really a theory allowing for real time 24/7 voting, 1 vote per person, and extensable to a variable definition of "sentient" (e.g. aliens, AI, avatar's, etc) , or is it a conjecture? by SawyerIII1776 on Oct 3, 2010 tags:
by SawyerIII1776 October 03, 2010
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