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blu bar-uhl gahy:

A "blue-barrel" guy would be the person you would trust to keep a very dark, ugly secret.

This is a reference to former police officer in Bolingbrook, Illinois suspected of being responsible for deaths of at least 2 of his spouses. The blue barrel refers to an alleged blue plastic industial barrel kept in his bedroom for several weeks following the dissapearance of his most recent wife. This person reportedly entrusted his step-brother to assist in disposing of said barrel. The barrel is thought to contain the remains of his former spouse & likely rests deep in the silt of a shipping canal in the area.
I just woke up form a drunken stupor in a cheap vegas motel room with a bloody broken bottle in my hand & what looks like a dead, tranny hooker in the bed beside me. What happened last night? Thank God I have my "blue-barrel" guy on speed-dial. I gotta get him over here to get me out of this!
by herculoidz January 26, 2012
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