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To unabashedly powersteer the topic of conversation back to what you want to talk about, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
Person 1: "So anyway, that pretty much sums up me and Sunni's problems these days."

Person 2: "I'm sorry man. I hope it gets better soon! .....hey, did I ever tell you about my girlfriend from two years ago? She had this thing where she would always....."

(Person 1 interrupts, totally not listening or caring about what person 2 was saying in any form or fashion)

Person 1: "WELL, honestly, I just don't know what Sunni is thinking these days, or why these problems are even happening...."

(Person 2 feels ignored and annoyed)

Person 1 has shown an example of how to "Garrison the conversation".
by No One Has A Clue September 25, 2008
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