Coolest hottest(faggiest) amazingest piss kinker ever!!!!
Person 1:“Hey do you know who ! Marpissa (Mar-Pee-Zah)#1992 is?”

Person 2: “yeah and they’re a loser”
Person 1: “JUMP THEM!!!!”
*person 2 gets jumped for not liking ! Marpissa (Mar-Pee-Zah)#1992*
Person 1: “deserved”

! Marpissa (Mar-Pee-Zah)#1992: “you are a good person, Person 1”
Person 1: “OMG ! Marpissa (Mar-Pee-Zah)#1992 CALLED ME A GOOD PERSON”
by Fagusteiwgeishsnebek May 10, 2022
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