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1) An extremely stupid "band" of teenage girls trying to sing (but unfortunately, despite all their efforts and years of "hard work" they sound like dying mules) who have only made it by affliating themselves with P. Diddy, and everyone pretends to like them because they want to buddy-buddy with Diddy. Should be banned from the ears of innocent victims who do not deserve to have this kind of meaningless "music" ground into their head. Does no one care about what music is turning into?
2) The opposite of street-cred and real music.
1) Those dudes in Dream should really crossdress better, you can totally tell that they are guys stuffing their bras.
2) That Dream "song" Krazy sucks all the way up to th top George W. Bush's empty head. WHOOO that's high up! damn!
by ~SIMPLE PLAN is the best, dude~ August 11, 2003

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