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A young girl a rare name, who is mostly quiet,who listens and repects others around her.can be very hyper at times.loves nature and animals.usally have light colored hair and blue eyes.very stunny and beautiful people say about taleas.very creative.likes many different kinds of foods.can have a bad temper.taleas usually found hanging at home cleaning or having a blast at a party.they can have struggles with life but soon later they get over them and there life is calm with some ups and downs.If you ever met a talea, be reponsible to wait to see what happens with her because we taleas can be very different.
1.Talea had a fun time at the crazy party but had a fit when she had to clean up.
2.Talea ordered everything when she came to the lunch table.
3.Sara:who is that?

kelly:shes just a girl named talea

claire:not just any talea.

talea:the talea!
by zoey:)zebra June 23, 2011

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