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Anyone who owns an smart phone or bluetooth headset.
"I don't know if I should get an iphone 3Gs or an Android, I really like the functionality of my iPhone 3g but it doesn't have the features of a Blackerry that I require. I'm so excited that the new iphone opperating system supports stereo bluetooth sound now that I have my motorokr headphones. Can anyone tell me if you can broadcast bluetooth to more than two speakers for digital surround sound? I want to synch my light garden to Pink Floyd and smoke pot with the lady friend who think's im just a phone-drone with my headset tuned to star trek, but how do I broadcast to two headsets at once? I'm having synching issues.
by zipthwung January 22, 2010
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Corresponding with the sole purpose of responding.
Respondance is anything as light as a simple RSVP, to honoring a request to "throw a brick through my window, next time you think of it."
by zipthwung April 13, 2015
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