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An expression used to diffuse responsibility for an unpopular statement made in a public setting. Typically used to imply complicity or collusion on the part of an unwilling stranger.
You: I mean, really, who hasn't made out with a rundown fat chick in a moment of drunken desperation.

Crowd: *silence*

You: *smile and point to a random guy in the crowd* This guy knows what I'm talking about.
by zerrlok March 22, 2009

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grin fuck (verb) - a sales technique in which the salesman smiles profusely while delivering bad news. Since 80% of human communication is based on body language alone, the simple deception of grin fucking is often enough to prevent the victim from fully conceptualizing the bad news until later, after they've already agreed to the deal.

Note: the best defense against grin fucking is to call attention to it by casually asking the salesman why they are smiling.
Salesman <while grin fucking the hell out of you> We had to order a part from overseas, so the invoice came in $500 over the original estimate.

You <after sipping your coffee>: Why are you smiling? That sounds like bad news to me.

Salesman <suddenly befuddled>: Oh... no reason. I guess I'm just in a good mood today.

You: Okay, well, since I never approved the additional costs, what discounts can you provide to bring us back closer to the original estimate?
by zerrlok September 13, 2011

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A female of moderate or above-average attractiveness who is revered as a sex symbol primarily because she surrounds herself with geek culture and testosterone-ridden RPG gamers. Typically wears tattoos, horn-rimmed glasses and/or J!NX t-shirts which proclaim her (supposed) nerdly origins.
Dude, that bonermancer from the frag dolls came to our BlizzCon afterparty in 07 and did like three body shots off our main healer! She was totally agro, bro!
by zerrlok July 13, 2009

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a philly cheese steak that has been made with psychedelic mushrooms instead of onions
Bro, you're going to have to slow down. I just ate a whole silly cheese steak and now I'm proud of myself in alphabetical order. Also, my toes are a fish...
by zerrlok January 09, 2010

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The point at which a mixed group of male and female friends have exhausted all possible combinations of singles hooking up within the group.

This typically signals that the group has lost its "magic" and is about to stagnate or fragment.
It's funny how sit-coms like "Friends" and "How I Met Your Mother" go downhill pretty quick after the writers reach hookup saturation.
by zerrlok January 09, 2012

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