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Jive is a style of clothing and lifestyle. Jive style consist of Nike dunk sb, Nike dunk, Nike Blazer, LRG, Stussy, and hip-hop clothing. Jive clothing style can also consist of skinny jeans, boys as well. Jive boys/girl where thick rimmed glasses, bandanas, and fitted hats as accesories.Jive kids listen to non stop rap such as kanye west, pharelll, lil wayne, and lupe fiasco. It is a cross between gangsta/hood/ skater/scene.
Jive kids dont shop at the mall, they get EVERYTHING online
xx;omg did u see that kid tht had the dino jrs. and pink skinnies!?!?

oo:yeah and tht bandana hes wearing made hm lok so jive!

by zach goldstein December 01, 2007
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