1 definition by your fat ass mom that sleep with petey last night and fucked the nub that he has

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a sorry ass mother fucker that doesnt have a dick. he need a big box of enzyte. he claims every afternoon when he gets on the bus he is going to get him so "pudding" hey petey you need a "spoon" before you get any "pudding" hey careful petey i might put a "spell" on you (the fleas of 100000000000000000000000 camels will infest your armpits)petey is an ugly ass mother fucker , too. he will never get a g/f , unless her name is "spice" and you have to pay her for every hour
fucking ugly mother fucker that , thank god , got his head shaved cause it looked like a fucking ugly ass animal crawled up there and died , and it fucking smelled like it , too.GO FUCKING BRUSH YOUR TEETH , petey

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