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the thing dads use to whoop their children
people like whooping me with a belt
by your average middle schooler August 11, 2019

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A great place to set on fire when someone dies
Ight imma go to Minneapolis to commit die

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The number of girlfriends / boyfriends single people have
im single and have zero girlfriends
by your average middle schooler August 11, 2019

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January: WW3 almost starts, Kobe dies, Coronavirus enters USA.
February: Coronavirus spreads worldwide, Pop smoke dies, Australia wildfires
March: Lockdowns start, NBA,MLS and most popular sports are cancelled
April: UFO footage from the pentagon, Quarantine
May: Riots happen in Minneapolis and spread to other major US cities
June: Ebola outbreak starts in the Congo less than 24 hours into June, Sahara dust storm covers Eastern United States, coronavirus cases spike again, Skai Jackson doxxing minors, Chuck E. Cheese turns into FNAF
July: Swine flu with pandemic potential starts in China, Blue whale challenge back on social media
August: Beirut Lebanon explosion

The list can go on forever and it’s only July
History class in 2060
Teacher: Ok class now that we’re done with 2019, let’s move onto 2021
Student: But Miss, what about 2020?
by your average middle schooler August 05, 2020

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