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To get laid simply means to have sex with another person.
When Jen got laid:
Jen walked into the room and looked at Jack. He had been standing in the room, waiting for her to come in. She slowly walked over to him, unsure of his intentions.
He asked her, “Would you like to dance?”
She smiled and agreed to dance with him. Jen thought it was odd that Jack wanted to dance with her in an empty room with no one to see them, but she didn’t really care. Any time she touched him made her be filled with joy.
The song was slow. Jen had one of her arms lying on Jack’s shoulder, and the other hand in his. Jack had his free hand resting on her hip. They rocked back and forth to the song, enjoying each other’s company. They slowly inched closer and closer together, until the lengths of their bodies were touching. She looked him in the eyes, and he stared back into hers. He slowly leaned in to kiss her. The second that the last inch between their lips was breached, Jen and Jack lost all notion of what was going on around them. They kissed each other slowly at first, taking in each and every second of it. Then, the kiss began to grow more passionate. They stopped dancing and were just standing there, kissing. She let go of his hand and started to run all of her fingers through his hair. He had both of his hands hovering dangerously close to her ass.
They both felt all of their problems melt away as they continued to kiss. Jack gently ran his hands up underneath Jen’s shirt. She gasped a little, but he barely noticed because he was kissing her so passionately. He slowly lifted away her shirt to reveal a gorgeous, lacey, red bra that gave amazing cleavage. They only broke their kiss to completely take off Jen’s shirt over her head. They continued making out, and Jack began to gently fondle Jen’s big boobs. They leaned over until they were sitting on his bed. He got on top of her and kept kissing her. He ripped off his shirt and she reached up her hands to caress his muscular chest and stomach. He undid the button and zipper on both of their jeans, and they kicked them off.
She rolled them over and slowly pulled away his boxers. His 10-inch cock surprised her, but she grabbed the bottle of lube that was on his bedside table and put a good amount in her hands. She took hold of his monster dick and started to rub it. He began breathing heavily as Jen started moving faster and faster. Her hand jobs were mesmerizing. Jack felt like her rhythm would drive him insane, but she rubbed and tugged until he came, groaning with pleasure.
Even after cumming, Jack was still hard, so he got on top of Jen and put his huge penis right into her wet vagina. He pumped back and forth, increasing his speed as he went. Jen could barely think straight because she was gaining so much pleasure from his gigantic cock.
“Oh, Jack! Faster, faster! Ah! Oh! Harder! Aaahh! Oooohhhh! Jack! Oh! Gimme more! Oh, Jack!” she exclaimed as the pleasure built up inside of her. Jack hit her g-spot and she came harder than she had ever come before. She screamed as she felt waves of pure pleasure coarse through her entire body. The orgasm lasted for at least two whole minutes, but Jack wasn’t done just yet.
Jen was still trying to catch her breath from her earth-shattering orgasm, but Jack was still rock hard and continued to penetrate her. His rhythm rocked her body so hard that she thought she would explode. She came again, and this time Jack came at the exact same time, making it even more pleasurable than the first.
Jack pulled out of her and lay on the bed beside her. They laid there, totally satisfied by being laid.
by you'llneverknow December 14, 2007

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Ghetto slang for Elizabeth, NJ. One of the worst places in the state (particularly in the port, Broad Street, and surrounding neighborhoods), and filled with wanna-be gang members, illegal immigrants and stupid kids who don't want to learn and just take up space in the schools, while draining tax payer's dollars and causing more crime. They also cannot read or speak proper English (as noted by the constant slang and ebonics that continuously comes out of their mouths).

It is uncertain what will become of these thuggish idiots when they enter the real world (other than picking up a nice drug habit, stealing from each other or from hard working citizens, or watching the world from behind iron bars).

Granted there may be some decent citizens from "Eastwick", but they are far outnumbered and do not refer to Elizabeth by this moniker.
Only ignorant, illiterate morons call Elizabeth "Eastwick".
by You'llNeverKnow December 10, 2007

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