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A black ghetto barbie whose weaves is always a mess. Has two many siblings & no hairline. Always makes ugly faces at people and says that people are disrespectful to her.
Person #1: "HI Sethnika"
Sethnika: "That's rude!"
by yodaddy13 May 08, 2019

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A FELLOW MEXICAN who is known for smoking weed on the daily. he also like white chicks low-key. he is highly abused by his girlfriend Makenzie. But he is a kind, caring friend. through thick in thin. Also he is flatter than jayla. But he is also thicker then Shrek. And still makes time to watch anime.
Ammiel: Hey chief
Makenzie: Get out my face
Ammiel: I want to die
by yodaddy13 April 08, 2019

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A girl who dates Mexicans in her free time. She also watches anime with her boyfriend. she spends her life eating sizzling bacon flavored sunflower seeds. she always raises one eyebrow and is sometimes a bitch.
Ammiel: Hey makenzie

Makenzie: *Slaps him across his face*
by yodaddy13 April 08, 2019

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Actual trash
Cindy meek is trash
by yodaddy13 November 19, 2019

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