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The Mount - a place where whiny ass bitches like to complain about the fun they arent having. Stop wasting your time dissing this school; if you don't like a party school, then why the fuck did you come here? Leave, we dont want you here. Don't get me wrong, I love to smoke pot, but is that all you do all day? So what if we're alcoholics? At least we're enjoying ourselves... You talk about "insistant whining and bitching" when that is exactly what you did with your pathetic definition of this kickass school.
Plus, half the shit you're bitching about is in every school I've ever visited. And, by the way, we played water pong outside not to piss Jesse Dorman off but because it was nice outside and we would rather enjoy ourselves than bitch and whine. Anyway, we don't need to play outside to get the fuckhead's attention, he's on our ass 24/7. The incident with TP in no way represents us so shut the fuck up with the rape bullshit.

by the way, you suck.

get some friends, a couple beers, and stop bitching
fuck you asshole
this school kicks ass
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