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Decap stars is an ironic enstars vine on insta by froggy_feels, it features any any enstars character thats under 17/18 making a orgasm face mostly, yuzuru,tori,mao and matoko
dude,everyone is probably gonna get fuked, you know there really 15/16 they migth look like there not, but they are

Dude is that decap stars?

Decap stars
by xx_jazsuki_xx September 17, 2019
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enstars irony is a meme concept where the caption is "innocent" or "relatable" but the picture bought upfront is very "unpleasing" and "disturbing"
that moment when you forget your wearing headphones and your parents hear your emo jams
*insert leo decapitation here accompanied by enstars irony*
by xx_jazsuki_xx October 28, 2020
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