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Back Bench Toppers

Guys who always sit at back benches, but ace the tests. They dont give a shit about what the lecturer is shouting coz they know they are smarter. They often bunk classes, usually will be writing journal, reading novel, SMSing, listening to iPod, etc when they do attend classes for attendance sake.
Bookworm 1: Tim and Dave hardly attend any classes, but have better grades than us. I wonder how?

Bookworm 2: They're BBTs you know. They dont have to..
by xilvrado June 04, 2009

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slang for strip clubs, because you know.. No Touching!

Museums: No touching the displays!
Strip Clubs: No touching the strippers!
Dave: Bro, what shall we do for Mikey's bachelor party.
Jake: Let's go to Vegas and hit some museums bro!
by xilvrado August 02, 2020

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