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Quoted in Jane Magazine for saying that she is against lip syncing and would NEVER do it herself.
Was the first performer ever in all thirty something years of saturday night live to get caught lip syncing and just walked off the stage like a dumbass, instead of being a professional and starting over.

The first artist to be Boo'ed off of the stage at the end of her performance because everything about her sucks. Her, her music, ESPECIALLY her singing.

Is riding off her sisters fame and talent.

ONLY has a record contract because her sister Jessica Simpson and her father are in the music industry.

UGLY, FUGLY, and needs some SERIOUS surgery to fix that heap she calls a nose growing on her face.
Also, a heavy attitude adjustment.

Tries harder than Avril to be so PUNK!
But she's failing miserably.
Hey Asslee, dying your hair, and wearing dark clothes and shirts that say "Punk" won't make you "punk" no matter how hard you tap your red ruby slippers together.
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