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The Wonder Woman is a true form of art. It takes time and skill to master it. It's when a guy jizzes on a girls boobs in the shape of a W (preferably while she is awake, but it can also be fun if she is asleep) and on the wet cum you sprinkle glitter or food crumbs. When you are finished there should be a clear W on your chick's rack. Eating or licking the art is optional. The creation will typically last 1-2 days. Always ask the lucky lady if she wants food or glitter, because some women find the glitter itchy. GOOD LUCK
Charlie: Sup Dee Dee how was your night?

Dee Dee: Amazing. My boyfriend ripped my shirt off and squirted me in the shape of a W. He took the glitter and sprinkled it all over my chest. For some additional zest he poured on some Old Bay.

Charlie: Dee Dee I am so jealous! You just got WONDER WOMANED!!!!
by woner24/7 April 19, 2011
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