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A famous guy from Singapore's HardwareZone famous online forum Eat-Drink-Man-Woman. He is well known to jinx all kinds of things such as football predictions and has been attributed as the EDMW Claypot King and the king of jinxes.
Scrabby : England will win euro 2020 tonight!

Other people : oh no he jinxed it
by whitemirrorsociety July 12, 2021
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Malay word for repeating the process from start Used during military (or equivalent divisions) marching drills when going from one point to another point within the training compound.
Example :

Squad watch your front....

Squad SEDIIIIIIIAAAA.... 1.2....


that's when you know someone fucks the shit up because he never raise his legs high enough or stomp as hard to the ground
by whitemirrorsociety April 07, 2020
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A person who consumes too much oats every day than the required amount per serving
Me : I eaten 5 oat bars earlier

Friend : yo stop your oatverdose now!!
by whitemirrorsociety September 06, 2021
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Scottish hardstyle duo consisting of Raymond Baird & Gary O'Dea. Formed in 2015 in Falkirk, this duo has achieved greater heights with their rough sounds and has been praised by the Rawstyle community within the Hardstyle genre.

Formerly from label Gearbox Digital, they rivals has always been Malice, an Italian duo who produces rawstyle but this rivalry has been faded out lately since they started to create their own sound styles and safe to say the Scots are now one of the leading forces of rawstyle.

Notable songs includes : CrushMode, Lockdown, Rampage, Opening Statements (with Warface) and Rise from the Streets.

Has played in festivals like Defqon.1, QAPITAL, Intents, Fatality and etc.

Scottish madness always comes with Rebelion first.
Friend : Hey have you heard of the duo called Rebelion?
Me: Yeah, CrushMode, Lockdown, Bring it On, Rise from the Streets, they are truely the Scottish OGs in the hardstyle scene!
by whitemirrorsociety May 15, 2020
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