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On almost all other academic studies and scientific researches ever undertaken has proven that Asian penises are just as large as Caucasian penises. The average for both are approximately 5.5 to 6 inches. However, Asian men do not stray far from this average, whilst Caucasian men do. For every Caucasian man with a 9-inch penis, there is one with a 3-inch one. And for every Asian with a 7-inch penis, there is one with a 5-inch one. There are more Caucasians with large penises, but there are also more Caucasians with smaller penises, even smaller than those of many Asians. This fact has also been known for a long time, but stereotypes remain widely "accepted."
Hey check out that asian guys' egg roll, now that ain't no spring roll either, but looks like he's packin way more meat and cabbage than I previously thought. Now I know not judge people's penis size by the slant of their eyes. I'm a blond with huge breasts and will strongly consider some asian penis from now on.

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